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Rental Determinations

Thorough, fully motivated, well-researched, analytical and objective. 

Our approach to all valuations is professional and relies on our vast experience.

The Rental Determination process:

  • Instruction
  • Subject Property information gathering – Title Deeds, SG, TP, Leases, Plans etc
  • Access arrangement and Inspection
  • Measurement
  • Research of comparable properties and market information
  • Analysis and conclusions
  • Report
  • Delivery of the report

This process can vary in terms of time dependent on the complexity of the determination, availability of information and relevant documentation (e.g. leases, plans, etc.) specialisation of the property and market activity. As a general rule a standard commercial valuation would take 5 – 7 working days to complete once the inspection has been conducted.


Thorough, fully motivated, well-researched, analytical and objective. All property rental determinations undertaken by Summerton Edelson entail the following:

  • Detailed information gathering: Title deeds, survey diagrams, town planning information and leases (where applicable) are obtained. A thorough on-site inspection of the property and improvements is conducted. Where plans are not available, on-site measurements are taken.
  • Analysis of the subject property: Commentary is provided on conditions of title, servitudes and endorsements and compliance with town-planning conditions. Condition and functionality are assessed while gross and rentable areas (for commercial properties) are determined. Where relevant, the regulatory environment is also assessed.
  • Gathering of relevant market information: Commentary is provided on macro-economic, sectoral and local market conditions. Research is undertaken of relevant comparable properties to determine market rental rates.
  • Application. Careful consideration is given to the value forming attributes of the subject property in relation to relevant market data culminating in an objective conclusion in respect of rental value.
  • Reporting. A fully motivated and comprehensive report is provided to the instructing party.